The superior sparkle and brilliance contributing the popularity of princess and round cutted engagement ring. But most people rarely notice on the differences between them. This article would offer a brief outview on this subject. Then, you might more clear on how to choose between a round diamond ring and a princess cut engagement ring?


Both of them have 58 facets thus able to maximize brilliance and sparkle. A truly well round cut engagement rings has the ability to reflect more than 90% of the light entering it, which gives a well cut diamond scintillating appearance. Given its symmetrical shape, it captures light beautifully, putting the stone’s natural fire, brilliance, and sparkle on display. In contrast, even the best princess cut engagement rings only be able to return 70% of the light entering it. While it is worthwhile to note that the princess cut is the most brilliant of all the fancy shapes.


When it comes to the prices, there are so many factors would affect the price of diamond. Generslly speaking, the price of princess cutted ring per carat are more affordable than a round cutted with same carat. The reason is that diamond cutters lose much more of the rough diamond when they create round cut diamonds than princess ring.


Furthermore, the ideal ring must be one that fits your lifestyle. For instance, it is important to acknowledge that princess cut diamonds have four corners that can easily snag on your clothing or hair. This problem could be avoided by utilizing a four-prong setting to prevent snags.


In conclude, the round cut diamond enjoys the highest popularity for almost a century, while the square princess cut offers an edgier, more modern look. Most jewelry experts will suggest that it is always a good idea to make no sacrifices in cut quality. By following above steps, you can ensure that you are making a smart financial investment.