Many brides like the symmetry of wearing two wedding bands. They feel when you only wear one wedding band that it makes your wedding set look lopsided and unbalanced. They feel that by wearing two wedding bands you are keeping your engagement set symmetric.With two-tone Wedding Band, you can appreciate the different metals together for a unique trending style. A two-tone ring can feature any combination of yellow, rose, or white gold. We often see white gold with either rose or yellow gold for a ring that will surely turn heads.



Two toned designs are especially popular Wedding Band as it adds a modern touch. The best thing about modern Wedding Band is that they are built to last — so no matter which metal you choose, it will last a lifetime. This means that with a two toned ring you get all the benefits with the added bonus of dazzling color combinations.



Best Two Tone Wedding Band On italojewelry


Two Tone Triple Row Cushion Yellow Wedding Band




The first thing you will surely notice is the astonishing Yellow Sapphire with White stone in a Cushion and Round cut complements any look elegant and sophsticated. Made in 925 Sterling Silver with a total weight of 13.56 g.



Two Tone Classic Thin Wedding Band





Double styled 925 Sterling Silver rings like this is a great choice for a simple look comprised of both sophistication and classic elegance. The half is adjourned with white round and radiant sapphires to compliment the look.



Two Tone Twist Created White Sapphire Wedding Band





Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies, and an engagement ring is the token of love. So, wouldn't it be apt to say, love residing in two bodies! Two Tone Engagement Ring perfectly wraps up the essence of an engagement ring.A looking-good Twisted Wedding Band made in 925 Sterling Silver with White Sapphire in a Round cut and Prong setting makes any look more high-class and sophisticated. With a total weight of 4.75 g.





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