When it comes to engagement rings, we have been trained to think that bigger is always better and that we should spend at least two months salary to buy an engagement ring. But this isn't the right choice for everyone, and there is much to love about choosing a tiny engagement ring.



Consider your lifestyle: Do you garden? Rock climb? Travel? Large engagement rings might be more of a hindrance than you had thought to everyday activities.

A Tiny engagement ring is perfect for anyone who wants a lower profile ring, or anyone looking for a more affordable engagement ring. Best of all, small engagement rings are easy to stack with other rings, and you can always add on more rings later, giving you maximum flexibility.

Getting a tiny engagement ring also means that you can spend a little more to get a high quality stone - be it diamond, Moissanite, sapphire or the gemstone of your choosing.

Your engagement ring is for you, not for anyone else. Pick the one that you want and remember, good things come in small packages.