In marriage or between lovers, the ring is undoubtedly the best expression of love. A ring can have different styles or different materials. In the choice of rings, white gold sapphire wedding band and platinum rings are the most common choices. So how much do you know about the materials of these two rings?

white gold sapphire wedding band

Which is better white gold ring or platinum ring?
The most common one is 18K white gold, which is a synthetic metal. However, platinum is indeed a naturally occurring precious metal. The hardness of platinum is relatively high, and diamonds inlaid are more stable. Due to the higher hardness of platinum, it is easier to design a better-looking ring style. Therefore, comparing the two, it is better to choose a platinum ring.

white gold sapphire wedding band

How to distinguish platinum ring and platinum ring from the material?
For the material of the ring, we must know these distinctions. Generally, platinum and white gold are marked on the inside of the ring. The exclusive mark used for platinum is "pt", and the 18k mark is used to identify platinum. In addition to the different signs, the purity of the two materials is also different. The purity of platinum is more precious. Therefore, the price of platinum rings will be higher than the price of platinum.

White gold Sapphire Wedding Band

Whether it is platinum ring or white gold sapphirewedding band, as long as you find a style that suits you within your budget, you can bring a more perfect visual sense and a different experience for yourself.