The outline of a princess cut diamond is square/rectangular. Although the cut is not as good as the round cut, it is one of the most popular cuts. This excellent cut, with a strong faceted pattern, provides excellent lighting performance.

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The Asscher cut is a square variation of the traditional emerald diamond cut. The Asscher is different to princess and cushion in that it consists of long step cuts. Its performance with light is different, and rather than being brilliant, the beauty of this cut is in its hall of mirrors effect.

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What is the difference between a princess-cut diamond and a saint-cut diamond?

Princess and Asscher cut diamonds are different in terms of how their facets are shaped and arranged.

The Asscher cut diamonds feature facets parallel to the girdle and each other to highlight the clarity of the stone. While the princess cut diamonds’ facets are designed to maximize the brilliance and sparkle.

As a result, princess cut diamonds exhibit more fire and brilliance compared with Asscher cut diamonds.

It is worth mentioning that you should pay special attention to the depth of the stone when selecting a diamond. This characteristic affects how well the diamond will reflect the light. A well-cut princess diamond should have depth in 64 – 75% range, while for Asscher cut the recommended depth range is 60 – 70%.

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Since princess cut diamonds exhibit more brilliance and sparkle, they tend to mask yellowish tints in a stone. In case you want to save some money, you can opt for a princess cut diamond in G-H-I colour range as the stones in this category will still look relatively white.

With Asscher cut diamonds it’s a bit different. Since this cut was initially designed to highlight the clarity of the stone, any colour present in such diamonds will be more visible. That is why it’s recommended not to go lower than H colour with diamonds of this cut.

Princess cut engagement ring

As mentioned above Asscher cut diamonds’ facets are arranged to highlight the clarity of the stone. If you choose an Asscher cut diamond you should not go lower than VS1 – VS2 clarity range, otherwise the inclusions will be easily seen with the naked eye.

In case you opt for a princess cut diamond, you have more leeway. The brilliance of this cut tends to mask the impurities. With princess cut diamonds you can go as low as SI1 clarity and still have an eye-clean diamond.