Although diamond engagement rings have always been the most classic choice for weddings, sapphire engagement rings are becoming an increasingly popular trend. Nothing puts our mind into summer mode quite like a yellow sapphire engagement rings. Their bright, crisp brilliance sparkles like a late August sun . Fancy yellow sapphires are not only pretty, but amazingly affordable.

yellow sapphire engagement rings

Basic details of yellow sapphire engagement rings
Yellow sapphires are increasingly seen as a popular choice for the center stone of engagement rings. They have various yellows from light to dark and are full of vitality. It is much cheaper than yellow diamonds, and there are more types of shades and cuts, so there is no doubt why yellow sapphires have become the first choice.

The engagement ring trend of 2021 will continue the trend we have seen in previous years, but will only be stronger: richer colors and more personalized options. The trend of engagement rings turning to colored gemstones has been steadily increasing, which is not surprising – colored gemstones are the epitome of uniqueness and personalization of the wearer. The yellow sapphire engagement rings is guaranteed to be amazing and unforgettable.

Yellow sapphire is very durable
Because sapphire is a very hard and scratch-resistant mineral, yellow sapphire engagement rings are very durable. In Mohs hardness, sapphire has a grade of 9, which makes it the second hardest natural gemstone used in jewelry. The hardest diamond to date has a score of 10.

yellow sapphire engagement rings

They come in various shapes and sizes
When choosing a yellow sapphire center stone, you will never feel constrained. They come in various shapes and sizes. Like diamonds, sapphires are graded according to appearance. For sapphire, the highest quality is called AAA. AAA sapphires usually represent the top 10% of sapphires. AAA yellow sapphire engagement rings will have deep vivid color and brightness, which is unmatched by inferior sapphire. Moreover, because yellow sapphire is relatively cheap, there is no reason not to pursue the best AAA quality.

The Cut Is Incredibly Important
The cut is the main factor affecting your sapphire's sparkle. If the cut is poor it will look dull and lifeless. Cut does not refer to the shape of the stone, rather to the facets on the gem's surface, which allow light and color to shine through at their best.
Yellow sapphire rough has traditionally been less costly than blues or pinks, so cutters don't compromise brilliance in favor of weight retention. As a result, well-cut yellow sapphires are easier to find than other sapphire colors and are more readily available in specialty specialty cuts. A good cut is especially crucial if the stone color is light. Dark gemstones can look lively and dramatic, even if the cut is not perfect. However, with light or colorless gemstones, the stone's ability to reflect light is very important.

yellow sapphire engagement rings

Summary of picking a yellow sapphire engagement rings
All in all, yellow sapphire is relatively cheap, so always choose AAA grade natural yellow sapphire. In addition, please choose a well-cut yellow sapphire engagement rings. Before putting the yellow sapphire into the ring, always let the jeweler visually inspect it.