Do you like the extraordinary charm of trillion cut diamond jewelry? I am very happy to introduce the new trend of Trillion cut jewelry in our ever-expanding collection. Although the layered necklace style still dominates, the symmetry, proportions, unique shape and faceted structure of the triangular gemstone make it a compelling choice.

The reason why Trillion cut jewelry is so unique is that the stone shape in its center is a triangular stone, usually with sharp corners, so if you want to choose a different style from the classic round or princess cut stones, please consider buying a triangular cut Gem!

trillion cut diamond

As this unique shape, the trillion cut diamond has many advantages and disadvantages. However, all its shortcomings can be solved, so please don't let them stop you.

When cutting the triangle, the cut surface should not be too shallow, which can provide excellent brilliance
The cut seems to be larger than the round or princess cut of equal size, which means you can make the most of the diamond’s carat size
The trillion cut diamond provides a unique alternative to the traditional cut that most people use for core diamonds.

Trillion Cut Diamond

Due to the cut size, the triangle cut scale is more susceptible to influence. These gems should use a good protective environment.
It can be more difficult to set and requires unique settings that can accommodate the shape.
trillion cut diamond doesn't tend to work well with some prongs designs. V-prongs are the best for a trillion cut stone as they wrap the tips of the stone and protect them. Standard prongs can work to an extent, but they won' t fit too well and the stone will be at an increased risk of chipping.
The trillion cut requires more cleaning and care than other cuts. Because the trillion cut is shallower than round or princess cuts, its light reflection can be dimmed easily by even just a little bit of dirt. This means that you'll need to clean it more frequently to maintain its good condition.

Best Setting For A Trillion Cut Diamond
Because of how easy the trillion cut is to chip, it’s extremely important for its setting to offer excellent protection.

trillion cut diamond

As we mentioned, V-prongs are the best choice for this cut, but as far as the setting is concerned – bezel and protective 3-prong halo settings like this one are usually the best choices.

Personally, I find trilliant cuts to be most intriguing when mounted in ring or necklace settings because of their unique shape. Ask yourself the following question, how many times had you seen someone wear a trillion cut diamond jewelry compared to a traditional round brilliant cut?

Probably never. And if you are someone who wants something truly unique, this can be something you may want to consider.