Asscher diamonds belong to the Step-Cut category. They are square diamonds with deeply trimmed edges. Though it is square-shaped, the Asscher Cut looks quite similar to the rectangular Emerald Cut. This diamond type includes rectangular facets, which are cut in steps and found throughout the pavilion of the stone. Since the table of an Asscher diamond is very open, it is recommended to choose a diamond with high clarity.


Asscher diamonds are certainly not traditional stones used for engagement rings, but the diamond is definitely gaining popularity, and has been seen in "Sex in the City" and on the hands of celebrities such as Ashley Simpson and actress Kate Hudson. It makes quite the dramatic asscher cut engagement ring.


If you’re considering an asscher cut engagement ring, keep in mind that your ring will need four prongs to accommodate this cut. Typically, Asscher diamonds display several features including a high crown, small table, a deep and slightly bulging pavilion, wide-cut corners, a wide windmill reflection, and concentric square patterns known as “House of Mirrors.”


This shape stone can be used either as a solitaire diamond or paired with accent stones. Asscher cut can also be used to create an unforgettable eternity ring.

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