"A Diamond Is Forever," or so the saying goes. Your engagement ring is both an investment and a tangible symbol of your relationship. So, you want timeless engagement rings that can be worn forever without falling out of fashion.


As with all design, trends can sway our tastes when it comes to aesthetics. So, how do you find an engagement ring that will hold steady against the constantly shifting currents of fashion?


Here are our tips for finding a timeless style, guaranteed to hold steady and look modern, even as fashion evolves.

Keep it Simple.

Just because a style is simple, doesn’t mean it has to be boring.
Consider opting for subtle adornments, such as a hidden halo, elegant band details, or a unique setting, such as a three-stone or a kite set solitaire.

Consider Your Diamond Shape.

75% of all diamonds sold throughout history have been round shapes, making this style the most classic diamond shape available.
Shop Round Shaped Engagement Rings:
While different diamond shapes have drifted in and out of style, round shapes have consistently accounted for 75% of all diamonds sold throughout history. With 58 facets, round shapes are among the most sparkly diamonds available. This consistent demand for round diamonds has secured the shape's status as the most classic shape in jewelry. Therefore, round diamonds tend to be a more secure call if you're searching for timeless engagement rings.

If you have your heart set on a fancy shape, any shape other than a round diamond, consider a more versatile, symmetrical, shape, such as a cushion, oval or emerald cut diamond.

Remember that Fashion is Cyclical.

Fashion’s cyclical nature ensures that even if you opt for a more trend-driven engagement ring, there’s a strong likelihood that the style will come back into fashion. This is especially true with engagement rings which are typically designed to be insulated from the trend cycle.


Modern styles, such as yellow gold, have fallen both into and out of fashion countless times throughout recorded history. So don’t worry about which engagement rings are “in” and which are “out”.

Put Your Tastes First.

This vintage timeless engagement rings ware all the rage in the 1960s, however, the style looks modern today.

An engagement ring is an intensely personal belonging. So put your tastes first. Your love for a style is the most important thing to consider when choosing a ring. If you're absolutely obsessed with your ring now, chances are you will love it at any time, regardless of the perpetually shifting trends.