As the saying goes, "Diamonds are forever". An engagement ring is both an investment and a tangible symbol of a relationship. Therefore, you need a timeless engagement rings that can be worn forever without falling behind.

From traditional to modern, from old to charming, in this list, you will find timeless elegance. If you are ready to ask a question or want to give other important tips, here are the 5 most classic engagement ring styles.

Each of the following styles are classics-what they have in common is simple elegance, understated design and eye-catching beauty.

The solitaire engagement ring is considered one of the most classic engagement ring styles. The solitaire setting features a central gem and a simple strap. This setting design makes the center stone the focal point! But don’t let the simplicity of this style fool you; there is still plenty of room for customization. In order to be consistent with the traditional style, please choose princess or oval cut laboratory-grown diamonds. If you want something bold and unique, choose an emerald or pear-shaped center stone.

Classic Pear Cut Engagement Ring

Round brilliant engagement ring
The other most timeless engagement ring style is the round brilliant diamond. This setting is similar to the single setting, but there is one key difference: the center stone is always round. The round-cut laboratory-grown diamonds can produce maximum light reflection and brightness, simple and eye-catching. The mellow and bright style is represented by the elegant strap and center stone, highlighting the classic beauty.

Classic Round Cut Engagement Ring

Three Stone Engagement Ring
If you crave diamonds more than solitaire card games or round brilliant jewelry, then a three-stone engagement ring is more suitable for you! This style provides extra sparkle for those who like geometric shapes and a little symbolism. This timeless engagement ring symbolizes the past, present and future. The big center stone represents the current commitment between two people. On either side are two smaller stones: the first one describes how you two met and the story of your past, the last one reflects the future you will create together.

Three Stone Round Cut Engagement Ring

Are three stone engagement rings popular? you bet! This has always been the case because the three stone engagement rings are considered the most traditional engagement rings. This romantic ring is rich in content and history, making it one of the most seductive classic engagement ring styles.

Accent Engagement Ring
This style is similar to a solitaire engagement ring, with a side accent stone in addition to a simple metal strap. Accent engagement rings show classic elegance while adding eye-catching sparks to attract attention. The accent stone makes the minimal ring design more dramatic.

Two Tone Three Stone Halo Oval Pink Engagement Ring

Halo engagement ring
Another timeless, eye-catching style is the halo setting. This style combines the foundation of the accent setting with an additional stone band surrounding the center gem. The setting of this ring takes the traditional solitaire to a new level. The Halo engagement ring combines the best of both worlds: classic elegance and modern charm. Are halo engagement rings too traditional and outdated? on the contrary. They are one of the most popular engagement rings on the market.

Halo Two Tone Split Shank Radiant Yellow Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is an intensely personal belonging. So put your tastes first. Your love for a style is the most important thing to consider when choosing a ring. If you’re absolutely obsessed with your ring now, chances are you will love it at any time, regardless of the perpetually shifting trends.