A round cut engagement ring adds more classic elements to any engagement. These engagement rings are beautiful, simple, and can stand the test of time. Aesthetically, this traditional engagement ring shape is perfect for any hand shape. As a classic engagement ring, a simple round cut solitaire proves to be a timeless addition to any engagement ring. This simple style provides a more complicated wedding ring experience or perfect match conditions for the couple room.

Classic Round Cut Engagement Ring

Round cut engagement ring settings
Diamond Solitaire – The classic solitaire setting is the most popular setting for round cut diamonds. Even with various design trends, the solitaire setting will be a permanent setting. The solitaire setting is great because it puts all the attention on the round cut diamond. Therefore, it is especially important to have a high-quality diamond gem to truly show off its brilliance.

Italo Halo Created Sapphire Engagement Ring

Pave Settings -If you like sparkling rings, the pavement settings are perfect for you. They bring a luxurious feel to the wearer. After setting up the pavement, the surface of the ring is covered with small accent diamonds. This will create a toroidal surface with a consistent and continuous flashing effect. Not only can you have rows of sparkling center round cut diamonds, but you can also have rows of small diamonds that sparkle from all angles. The main disadvantage of the pavement setup is that if you plan to adjust the ring size in the future, it will be more difficult to do so. You can solve this problem by only passing the accent diamond through the middle of the sides of the ring instead of all the way around the ring.

Halo Three Stone Round Cut Engagement Ring

Halo Setting -This setting is known for its incredible ability to enhance the beauty of the main diamond. Under the halo, the round cut diamonds are completely surrounded and surrounded by petite pavé diamonds. It provides a gorgeous frame for the center diamond and can make it look larger than it actually is. The halo setting is especially useful for those who like retro-style engagement rings, although you can certainly have a halo setting without retro style. If you want to be a real fantasy, you can even set a dual halo setting.

Flower Design Round Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Bezel Setting-The border settings have a very modern appearance. They are by far the safest type of setting for your diamond. The bezel shifts all focus and attention to the round cut diamond. Diamonds are carefully and elegantly wrapped in metal (usually gold or platinum). In a fashionable environment, this is an amazing way to provide the highest form of protection for stone. You can choose between all or part of the border settings. A complete baffle encloses the entire gem, while a partial baffle only covers the sides of the gem. The main advantage of the partial frame is that it allows viewing of the profile view and also makes the cleaning process easier if you clean it yourself. The border settings are usually best for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Three Stone Simplicity Round Cut Three Row Bridal Set

Cathedral Setting-This is a classic and elegant engagement ring setting suitable for round cut diamonds. It uses a metal arch to support the center diamond. The arch makes the diamond look larger than it actually is, and it really highlights the diamond. It is unique and very safe for the main drill. The main disadvantage of this setup is that it is easier to hang on furniture or clothes than other setups. It is also difficult to clean.

Classic Eternity Split Prong Round Cut Blue Wedding Band

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