Wedding Ring: The Inspiration Behind Our Brilliant Eternity Round Wedding Band


Our wedding band collection has quickly become one of our most popular. Since we first expanded our collection early last year we have heard from couple around the globe interested in purchasing our wedding bands. Some are looking for the perfect wedding band for their big day; others are replacing those they have worn for many years. In either case, we’re honored to have the opportunity to help these couples select the perfect wedding band (or bands).

Once of our most popular sellers is this stunning 6.55 carat eternity band:

6.55 Carat Brilliant Round Eternity Band


Meant to symbolize endless love, the eternity band has become a very popular trend in wedding jewelry. It’s therefore no surprise that this brilliant 6.55 carat brilliant round wedding band is one of our best sellers. Adorned with 4.72 millimeter stones in shared-prong settings, this one is a showstopper. Available in 925 sterling silver, and is available in 925 sterling silver via special order, this ring can be customized to match any engagement ring. Get all the details.

If you’re interested in learning more about this, or any of our wedding bands, feel free to contact us directly! We’re always happy to explain our process and help you select the perfect wedding band. To learn what sets our wedding bands apart, be sure and check out this blog post:

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