The Princess Cut

When it comes to engagement rings, the princess cut engagement rings is one of the fastest emerging popular choice out there. The cut was introduced around the 60s and was created and named as we know it today.


Typically, it is a square or slightly rectangular cut with the underside of a 4-sided pyramidal shape, containing 57 or 76 facets, making it the most brilliant of all square shaped diamonds. It is highly sought after for engagement rings due to its exceptional distribution of light and it’s dramatic and modern look.


Great Value

While a round cut is popular engagement ring, the brilliance and beauty of the princess cut are about the same, sometimes more beautiful to some, and it costs less! This is actually due to the cutting process as rough diamonds are generally a cubic shape, which means that diamond manufacturers are able to create two princess cut diamonds from one rough diamond rather than just one round cut, resulting in less wastage of the rough diamond.


This also makes the princess cut a lower price as it uses less than half the amount the round cut uses; a highly economical choice.



The princess cut can give you the optical illusion of a bigger diamond than the round cut of the same carat weight. This is due to the square shape having a larger diameter measured from corner to corner and a stone that has been cut by an expert can make the light reflection better. This is why it’s important to find a stone with a higher quality cut.


But because the princess cut is forgiving and is great at hiding flaws with its many facets and shapes, thankfully, you can drop down a few grades and still get a perfect-looking stone.




Choosing a Color

When picking a colour, go for your own opinions after looking at the options. The colourless diamonds might be a bit more expensive since it is usually the most popular of the choices. Even though people are willing to pay more for different grades, there is hardly any difference that the naked eye will notice.


The price between grades and be very high, but because the princess cut is amazing at dispersing light throughout the diamond, you can drop down the colour grade scale a and still have a stone that will sparkle brilliantly and brightly.


Picking a band that is rose or yellow gold will add a warmer feel to the ring, as yellow tints will add that effect to the overall look of the ring itself. The lower you go down, the more money you can save while also saving the appearance of the ring. There’s no wrong or right answer here, it is all dependent on your preferences and your own personal budget.





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