As a mixture between round and marquise engagement rings, oval wedding rings give an updated look to a traditional stone. Although its origins began in the 1960’s, the oval cut feels classic and timeless. The oval’s length makes the ring more flattering as it gives the illusion that the fingers are elongated and slender. However, the “perfect” oval cut does not exist; the length to width ratio is completely subjective to personal taste and preference. An oval diamond remains perfect for buyers who lead an active life, as chipping and wear are much less likely to occur without any pointed edges. The softness of the curves allows for a gentle, but romantic declaration of love. Additionally, compared with round cut engagement rings, oval wedding rings appear larger, meaning the buyer can purchase a larger diamond for less money!


Although round cut diamonds are known for having the most shine, oval cut diamonds come extremely close, making them a perfect style for a unique engagement ring that does not have to sacrifice its radiance. Oval diamonds may be almost just as shiny as their round companions, but the price is typically lower. However, oval cut diamonds are still not as popular as other cuts because of the nearly inevitable bowtie effect. Almost all oval cut diamonds have a dark spot in the middle of the gem resembling a bowtie. This bowtie may make the oval cut seem “imperfect,” but many buyers rave about how the bowtie is the most interesting feature on the whole ring; it is all up to personal taste! White, yellow, and rose gold oval wedding rings offer plenty of options for the oval cut lover.