Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and love is in the air! You have the girl (or guy), and now all you need is the ring. Engagement rings are one of the most expensive purchases a person will make in their lifetime, making it extremely important to good deal on engagement rings before visiting the jewelry store.


1.) Certified only means that a diamond has been rated from an outside source; it does not ensure that the diamond is better quality than a non-certified diamond.” Instead of focusing on certified diamonds, which cost more than non- certified diamonds, ask the retailer for a breakdown of a diamond’s four C grades (color, cut, carat, clarity). When compared to a certified diamond’s grades, this will help you determine exactly what you are paying for, the certification or the quality of the ring, and will help you make a more knowledgeable decision and get good deal on engagement rings.

2.) Are you set on getting a specific carat good deal on engagement rings? If you want to save some cash, look for diamonds that fall right under their carat weight, such as .97 carat, .90 carat, etc. Because these diamonds fall just short of the popular weight, they are often sold at a discounted price while still appearing to be full-size.


3.) A loan for a engagement ring If you want to surprise your loved one and get good deal on engagement rings with a large diamond ring, but don’t want to go up another carat, opt for a round cut. Round cut diamonds are larger in diameter than other cuts, making them appear larger. In addition, round cut diamonds are the most symmetrical and have more facets for light to reflect, making them appear more brilliant.

4.) We have all heard of the four C’s when picking the perfect diamond- color, cut, clarity, and carat; but what C’s are the most important? Each C ranks differently in importance depending on the individual. The color and cut of the diamond are the most important when trying to get the most bang for your buck. These C’s are the most noticeable to the naked eye; so if you want to get good deal on engagement rings with some major glitz and sparkle, spend more on a diamond with a higher quality color and cut, and less on its clarity and carat size.