As important as these regular trips to the jeweler are for the care and keeping of your beautiful engagement rings, don’t underestimate what you can do at home. There’s a variety of DIY cleaning techniques that you can do from the comfort of your own home. All it takes is a little bit of your time and a few simple ingredients.

One effective method is to mix a few drops of mild dish soap in a bowl with lukewarm water. Place your ring in this cleaning solution and let it sit for a few minutes. Remove your beautiful engagement rings from the solution and scrub it very carefully with a soft, gentle baby toothbrush. Rinse it off by letting it soak for a few minutes in a fresh bowl of lukewarm water. Dry it off afterward with a soft cloth, but be careful not to snag the fabric on the prongs or the setting.

Another solution is to purchase a dedicated jewelry cleaning solution from a local store. Be careful to read the label, however, to make sure that you buy a cleaner that’s safe for the stone and the metal in your rings. Sometimes, what’s safe for one type of stone or metal isn’t safe for another.

It’s imperative that you don’t attempt to clean your beautiful engagement rings using any harsh cleaners. Bleach-based cleaners or similar products will most likely be very damaging to your ring. And above all, make sure you either complete this cleaning process far away from the sink, or you take special care to cover the drain before you begin.

However often you choose to clean your beautiful engagement rings at home, it’s a great idea to use this time to also check for anything that might be wrong with your ring. You should check to make sure the stone isn’t loose and that none of the prongs are bent or out of place. Most likely you won’t encounter these types of problems very often, but it’s a good idea to check regularly anyway. That way if something ever does come up, you’ll be sure to catch it right away before it becomes a real problem.