Celebrate one of life’s biggest milestones with the right piece of jewelry. At Italo Jewelry, you’ll discover a stunning collection of design engagement ring designed exclusively for the modern bride. These contemporary rings are masterfully crafted by some of the biggest jewelry designers in the industry, ensuring the use of high-quality materials and great attention to detail every time.


Design Engagement Ring
Modern engagement rings often feature clean lines, distinct angles, and exquisite details that make each piece stand out. Engagement rings in other jewelry stores can’t compare to the fine craftsmanship found at the Wedding Ring Shop. Our modern engagement rings represent our commitment to innovative and precise design. An engagement ring also expresses your commitment to a long and happy union.


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Browse our selection of design engagement ring and you’ll find impeccable sapphiers set in precious metals with a modern twist. Choose from numerous sapphiers shapes and ring designs for a truly unique piece. We have complete confidence in our jewelry. This is why we offer a one year diamond upgrade and guarantee.


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Equipped with sparkling gemstones or diamonds in firm settings, design engagement ring are anything but ordinary. The graceful and delicate look of a contemporary engagement ring is adored by modern brides-to-be. Start your search for the perfect modern engagement ring with us.