Yes you can! Here at Italo jewelry we pride ourselves on our bespoke jewellery service. Do you have an engagement ring that is a little more unusual? Perhaps you are looking for a unique style of wedding ring? Designing your own best wedding ring, with the help of our master goldsmith might be the perfect idea for you.

He can take your own best wedding ring and help you design it into something more suited to your style, or make the jewellery you have creatively dreamed of become a reality.


We can also produce a computer-generated image of your wedding ring before it’s made, so you can be sure it will look exactly as you want it before the ring is put into commission.

This will let you see the best wedding ring from all angles and will be a true representation of the final completed design. At the next meeting, you will be able to see the final designs, proceed the order and we will take any final finger measurements that might be required.

It's the perfect service for a unique, one of a kind wedding band that you can treasure forever.

If you have any other questions about your best wedding ring, our experts would love to help - you can get in contact here.

You can browse our stunning range of wedding rings in-store, over a glass of champagne. Book an appointment with one of our wedding ring specialists by clicking on the button below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!