Now it's finally time to choose your couple's engagement ring! You have found inspiration in her Pinterest board and social media posts. How to choose a suitable cushion cut wedding band for your spouse, you need to understand these factors.

The cushion cut diamond has rounded corners and 58 brilliant facets, which together create a soft pillow like shape.

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Choosing a truly beautiful cushion cut wedding band should require the assistance of experts in the diamond industry, as many of these shapes are often asymmetrical or bear too much weight under the stone. Round brilliant diamonds have a lot of scientific basis behind the "appropriate" depth and tabletop ratio, while cushion cut diamonds are a 50/50 blend of science and art. Each cushion-cut wedding ring has its own personality, some of them are more "soft" at the top, softer or more visible at the corners, different table sizes, and so on. In general, the talent of the cutter is the first element behind brilliance and beauty.

Classic Cushion Cut Wedding Band

Another factor to consider is the "cut grade" on the cushion cut diamond certificate. We believe that the cut grade on the cushion-cut diamond certificate should not be taken into consideration in order to accurately observe the beauty of the naked eye diamond. Generally, good polishing symmetry may be better than excellence​​. This is another reason why it is so important to be guided by real industry experts when choosing your diamond.

The cushion cut is one of the most outstanding cuts because of its high proportion of cuts. This cut allows more light to flow through the entire diamond, resulting in the well-known eye-catching spark.

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

If you want to show off your creativity, the versatility of cushion cutting makes it a great choice when choosing an engagement ring. It can work in various environments (formal and informal) and any non-ferrous metals. For cookie-cutter creation, these options are endless.

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