What’s not to love about baguette engagement ring? These delicate step cuts bring Art Deco opulence to any ring and vintage flair to any finger!

The rectangular wedding ring brings a very clean, bring the elegant feeling. I love baguette engagement ring, but you should know some important knowledge:

Baguette diamonds are more brittle than other diamonds. That's because they are thin and narrow (shallow). A collision, hit or blow will damage the diamond, divide it in half or cut off all the corners or edges.

Baguette Engagement Ring

If the edge of the diamond is exposed to the outside of the ring (usually easier to touch), the baguette is more vulnerable.

Baguette engagement ring are mainly in a stepped cut style, so less light is emitted from the inside of the gemstone, which cannot be compared with the 58 faceted round brilliant cut diamonds.

Baguette engagement ring do not sparkle like round-cut gems. Therefore, rectangular wedding rings tend to expose the blemishes and stains of the gems themselves. The larger the rectangular area, the easier the defects appear.

Baguette Engagement Ring

When buying a baguette engagement ring with multiple gemstones, make sure that the center color of the French baguette diamond matches the color of the accessory stone or accent. You want to do this to increase the overall cohesion of the ring design. Baguettes and almost all gems can perfectly complement each other, and at the same time, they will not reduce the beauty of the center gem. Therefore, Baguette engagement ring are also the best choice to save costs.