The lab created sapphire eternity band and the real Diamond Eternity Band have been controversial. So, which one is more worthy of collection? Browse the frequently asked questions organized here to find the answer.

1. What is a Lab Created Sapphire Eternity Band?
Natural diamonds are crystal structures formed naturally over hundreds of millions of years on the earth. Compared with sapphires created in the laboratory, the main difference is that they are created in a different way.
We imitate that same process in our lab using a High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) or Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) process. What starts as a diamond seed— a minuscule slice of a diamond— blossoms into a large, rough diamond as carbon atoms grow around it. These elegant pieces are grown in certified labs that use very limited energy and emit next to no emissions.

Lab Created Sapphire Eternity Band

2. Why is Lab Created Sapphire Eternity Band cheap?
The cost of cutting, polishing and inspecting natural diamonds produced in the laboratory is the same. The price difference stems from the cost and process difference that led to this, namely the heavy cost of mining.

3. Is Cubic Zirconia (CZ) The Same As The Lab Created Sapphire Eternity Band?
Absolutely not. Diamonds are made of carbon. Cubic zirconia has zero carbon content. Compared with laboratory-made or natural diamonds, its strength is weaker and its light properties are different.

4. Does the Lab Created Sapphire Eternity Band look real?
The short answer: Yes, because they are real diamonds. Natural diamonds made in the laboratory cannot be distinguished with the naked eye. They also have the same luster as natural diamonds. Even if you are a professional gemologist, you cannot tell the difference between a diamond made in a laboratory and a real diamond without special equipment! The best way to distinguish laboratory-grown diamonds from real diamonds is to look at the grading report.

Lab Created Sapphire Eternity Band

5. Are lab-grown diamonds GIA Certified?
A lab-grown diamond is graded and certified using the same process as a mined diamond. Just like our mined diamonds, our lab-crafted diamonds are sent to a gem lab that specializes in grading diamonds. Each diamond is graded using the 4C's (cut , clarity, color, and carat). Both are held to the exact same standards.

6. Is The Lab Created Sapphire Eternity Band flawed?
Both mining diamonds and laboratory-made diamonds are governed by science, and perfect diamonds cannot be guaranteed. All diamonds inevitably contain different numbers of flaws and inclusions, which is why they are graded and certified. It is important to note that lab-grown diamonds are already about 30% cheaper than mined diamonds. This means that you can get better quality diamonds with fewer blemishes and inclusions, and the same amount as the lower grade mined diamonds.

Lab Created Sapphire Eternity Band

7. Should I Buy A Lab-Grown Or Naturally-Mined Diamond?
There is no wrong answer. The decision is entirely up to you depending on which type of diamond you prefer.

You should buy lab created sapphire eternity band if:
You’re looking for a budget-friendly option (lab-grown diamonds cost 30% less, on average than their mined counterparts)
A lab-grown diamond can represent modern love
Maybe you appreciate the latest advances in technology
You should buy a naturally-mined diamond if:
Having a mined diamond made naturally in the Earth is important to you
Maybe you have a classic approach to love
A mined diamond can also be a representation of nature’s miracle surrounded by mysterious origins

In general, the lab created sapphire eternity band has the same physical and chemical characteristics as natural diamonds. Real diamonds grown in the laboratory can be preserved forever, but are estimated to be 30% cheaper than diamonds mined. In general, neither of these diamonds are "better". They are not competing with each other. What matters is how much you value diamonds and what they mean to you.