Many couples celebrate their anniversaries with special gifts for their spouse, and sometimes that gift can be an anniversary band. Just like the engagement ring and wedding band, the anniversary wedding bands should be awell thought out gift for your spouse.


One of the first things to consider when choosing anniversary wedding bands are what anniversary year are you celebrating? Is it your first, your third? Certain metals and stones represent specific milestones, and it’s good to be aware of those before picking out the ring. For your first anniversary, choose a gold band, it’s perfect to commemorate the love and specials moments you’ve gone through in your first year of being married. For couples celebrating their fifth anniversary, sapphire is the go-to stone. And for those in their 10th year, a diamond band is what you should go for. Diamonds are a great gift to celebrate the milestone of making it to 10 years.

Even if you decide to buy anniversary wedding bands on an “off year,” like the second or third anniversary, it’s still a good idea to make sure this new ring complements your spouse’s engagement and wedding rings. If your spouse’s wedding ring is already embellished with lots of diamonds or stones, you may want to find an anniversary band that is a little subtler, that way, the rings won’t clash if worn on the same finger. Some people love mixing metals when it comes to their jewelry, and others don’t. So, you need to figure out what your spouse’s personal style is to ensure the anniversary band you choose will be one they’ll want to wear all the time.

Other options for finding the perfect anniversary wedding bands are to design your own ring, or find estate rings that could work for your spouse. If you’re going to design the ring, you should pay attention to the time it will take to get the ring back because you don’t want it arriving days or weeks after your anniversary date. Estate rings offer a more unique and vintage look for those who prefer that style.

There’s no set rule on which finger or hand an anniversary band should be worn, but taking the style and metal choice into consideration is important so your spouse can make that decision easily. Whatever ring you choose, it should represent the love and commitment you have for your spouse. We can help you find what you’re looking for right anniversary wedding bands!