Engagement Rings today are a lot more versatile and are often used to convey a couple’s own unique story. This has led to the rise of colored gemstones being used in engagement rings in place of the traditional diamond. One of the most popular choices today are emerald engagement rings. Emeralds are May’s birthstone and they signify wisdom, rebirth, and love.


Emerald engagement rings are often bought with the purpose of conveying a special meaning or simply it’s the bride’s favorite gemstone. They contain naturally occurring mineral deposits within the stone which are often seen as inclusions or rather beautiful imperfections since they make each stone truly one-of- a-kind. This literally makes each emerald engagement ring as unique as it can be. They are less hard than diamonds on the Mohr scale but are meant to similarly last forever.


Modern couples that still believe in tradition often opt for emerald engagement rings. These are engagement rings with an emerald as the center gemstone and diamonds as the adjacent or surrounding gemstones. This design offers a unique and elegant look while still remembering the traditional diamond.


Engagement Rings are symbols of one’s commitment to another person so it makes sense to make that symbol as memorable and personal as it can be. SHOP ALL OUR EMERALD ENGAGEMENT RINGS