For those who love putting on earrings, it is definitely crucial for you to know different earring types. Given that knowing different earring types isn’t necessarily required, simply having even a bit of a knowledge about earring types and knowing how to differentiate earring types would already give the shoppers added advantage. Once you familiarize yourself with different earring types, searching for the right earring types would no longer be too difficult, and picking among the earring types would take less effort. So, what are these different earring types? Here are some of the most general earring types:


Stud Earrings - these earring types are perhaps one of the most common ones. Stud earrings are earring types that people usually get when they’re getting their ears pierced for the first time. These earring types are simple, and are directly attached to the earlobes.






Drop Earrings - These earring types are also among the most well-known ones. Drop earrings are earring types that hang or are simply dropping just below the earlobes.






Hoop Earrings - These earring types are perhaps the easiest ones to distinguish. These earring types are shaped like hoops just like what its name suggests, and may range from small to big circles. These earring types are typically large in size though, meant to complement big hair and exquisite outfits.







Some of the lesser known earring types are huggie earrings, jacket earrings, chandelier earrings, threader earrings, and more. These earring types are sometimes variations of the earring types above.


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