Before, the style of stacking rings wasn’t something that is typically trendy or preferred by many jewelry enthusiasts. But just like everything else, the style evolved, and now stacking rings (sometimes multiple layers of stacking rings in more than just one finger) has become a stylish trend. Before understanding the popularity behind stacking rings, here is what the act of stacking rings means first.


The art of stacking rings, sometimes also popularly known as ring stacking is the trend when a jewelry lover wears more than just a single ring on one or more finger. Stacking rings may first start as a simple jewelry trend, but others have symbolized the trend of stacking rings. Many couple make use of stacking rings to count important milestones such as anniversaries and such. Through the stylish trend of stacking rings, many couples may be able to express their love and celebrate their years of being together. Stacking rings for most couples are added anniversary rings to wedding rings - but it isn’t imperative.


There are also no requirement or limit when it comes to stacking rings. You can add as much ring as you want when you decided you’d like to do the act of stacking rings. All the rings added are beautiful reminders of your years spent together. However, it’s important for those stacking rings to make sure that the jewelry is still comfortable to wear.


If you’d like to try stacking rings on your fingers, but have no idea which ring designs to mix and match, try looking for rings at Italo Jewelry where there are tons of ring styles and designs you may try. It’s a good chance for you to experiment stacking rings!


Best Stacking Rings On Italo Jewelry


Italo Eternity Round Created White Sapphire Wedding Band






This dazzling women’s wedding ring features round created sapphire shared prong set all the way around the band in an eternity style. Eternity bands get their name from the way the gemstones in them run all the way around the ring in an unbroken line. This is meant to represent the eternal bond you and your partner share, as well as the unending nature of your love, which makes the design a popular one for both wedding and anniversary bands. There are 17 reated sapphires in this ring, all of which are round brilliant cut and shared prong set. They total 6.50 carats combined, and their size, coupled with the minimalist setting style, helps create a truly glamorous display.



Eternity Round Cut Wedding Band (2.20 CT. TW.)








This ethereal piece of wedding band is made out 925 sterling silver metal, and weighs a total of 2.94 grams, completely lightweight. The gems of the jewelry are White in silver color that radiates a platinum appearance, stones are rounded-cut, and surface-pronged.



V-Design Matching Wedding Band In Sterling Silver







Some wedding ring designs are meant to be accessorized, and this ring perfectly embodies it! Its v-shape appearance is not only unique, but may be an excellent complement for any outfit. The ring is made of the traditional 925 sterling silver metal, has white sapphire gemstones scattered to form the V-shape outline of the ring, and shimmers in platinum appearance. The stone also has 1.98 carat total weight, and the ring overall weighs 3.36g with a rounded stone cut, and pronged stone setting. It definitely serves dual purpose in both being a dazzling wedding ring, and a stylish accessory to match any OOTDs!



Dainty Baguette Eternity Wedding Band In Sterling Silver








This classic eternity wedding band shows off a low-key style and look, for those who prefer being on the down-low, compared  to flaunting gigantic and extravangant stones. However, simple and low-key hardly equate to less elegance for this ring embraces the word in full definition. The ring is made out 925 sterling silver, shines out a platinum appearance with a width of 2.22 mm, a thickness of 3.61 mm, and carat total weight of only 1.44 CT. Like most engagement rings, it has white sapphire gemstones in round & baguette stone cut, and a pronged stone setting. It's all embedded together like a top of medieval castle.




Round Cut Channel Set Half Eternity Wedding Band For Women








This is a classic look on wedding bands, and is perfect to be worn low-key. Its metal is made of 925 sterling silver, weighs approximately 2.1 g, has a band width of 2.5 MM, and a stone weigth of 0.45 CT. TW. The ring has white sapphire gems, round cut, and channel stone setting.  Embracing a classic and traditional look on wedding bands to be worn on the down-low, but not short on elegance.