Lots of couples love to flaunt their engagement rings since getting engaged and eventually getting married are important milestones in one’s life. This is why most couples sometimes prefer three stone engagement rings. There’s no better way to express love in the grandest way possible than through three stone engagement rings. In modern pop culture language, couples may brand themselves as extra when it comes to choosing three stone engagement rings.


After all, three stone engagement rings are great choices for an engagement ring because the style is re-emerging to be one of the most popular modern designs in engagement rings. This also reinforces the idea that the three stone engagement rings are one of the timeless engagement ring designs among others. There are lots of three stone engagement rings out there that would give lots of jewelry lovers choices.


One of the best choices of three stone engagement rings is Italo Jewelry’s Radiant Cut Engagement Ring 3 Stone Engagement Ring. This particular engagement ring is definitely a stunning piece of jewelry with its shiny white sapphire gemstones and dazzles in the center and all throughout the ring. This ring embraces a classic look with an edge to its style to fit the modern look and design.












Another style that everyone likes is Pear Halo Three Stone Engagement Ring,Three stone rings are a popular choice for both engagement rings or anniversary presents. For many people, the three stones act as symbols for the past, present, and future. Alternatively, such rings might be known among certain religious groups as Trinity Rings, with the stones symbolizing the Biblical Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. In whatever form it takes, a three stone ring can bear a strong personal significance for the wearer. This Pear Halo Three Stone Engagement Ring is made of white pear-cut sapphire gems with a 5 prong stone setting, while its side stones are trillion-cut with a prong stone setting. The center stone weight of the ring measures at 4.00 CT., and has a natural platinum-like appearance to it. It is also made of the classic 925 sterling silver metal which has a total weight of 6.90 g. The ring basically embodies all classic styles of an engagement ring, save for the pear cut.








For those who want more options and choices of three stone engagement rings, Italo Jewelry has got you covered. Take a look at some of the best designs of three stone engagement rings online, as well as a chance to browse through other high-quality wedding jewelry that are also affordable.