Nowadays, people love to try something different every now and then, or have an interest to be at the cutting-edge all the time - this includes wedding jewelry. This is why there are lots of jewelry lovers out there who love rose gold engagement rings. After all, rose gold engagement rings bear the design of something classic, but with a modern spin to it because of the light touches of the rose gold color. Plus, most jewelry lovers would also interpret the design of rose gold engagement rings to look more elegant and sophisticated and feminine, which is among the reasons as to why lots of wedding lovers recommend rose gold engagement rings.


The style of rose gold engagement rings are also among the popular engagement ring choices, which means that those wedding jewelry lovers may have little to no trouble shopping for rose gold engagement rings and looking for the best types of rose gold engagement rings.


One of the best types of rose gold engagement rings is Italo Jewelry’s Italo Pink Ring Radiant Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring. This rose gold engagement ring is for couples who love to sway from the traditional looks of engagement rings. It has sapphire gems in the unique color champagne that are cushion stone cut, with a 4 prong stone setting, while its side stones are round-cut, with a simple prong stone setting. The total center stone weight of the ring is 6.50 CT., and has a total weight of 10.36 g.
















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