Many jewelry enthusiasts want their wedding bands to be perfect. And because there are lots of choices out there, many jewelry enthusiasts use trustworthy lists of top 10 wedding band as their source to see for themselves which among the top 10 wedding band is worth trying. After all, jewelry enthusiasts want to exhaust all their options before settling to the perfect one for them and the best ones are usually found in the lists of top 10 wedding band, regardless of who created the list of the top 10 wedding band. If you’re among those jewelry enthusiasts who want a variation of choices for a list of top 10 wedding band, then you may browse through the top 10 wedding band exclusively offered at Italo Jewelry:

1.Italo Cushion Cut Wedding Band Eternity Band For Women



This dazzling piece of jewelry is made out of 925 sterling silver, Total Weight 6.98 grams which gives off a comfortable and delicate feel around the finger.The stones are sheer white in color, Prong, and is cushion cut, embracing the traditional combination of a square cut with rounded corners style of jewelry.


2.Italo Round Cut Eternity Wedding Band Ring Affordable




This ethereal piece of wedding band is made out 925 sterling silver metal, and weighs a total of 2.94 grams, completely lightweight. The gems of the jewelry are White in silver color that radiates a platinum appearance, stones are rounded-cut, and surface-pronged.



3.Five Row Created White Sapphire Wedding Band




This wedding band exemplifies the fairytale-like piece of jewelry with rows of white sapphire gemstones aligning on top of the other to create one whole eye-catching shimmering look. The ring boasts an astonishing 11.55 MM width, and a thickness of 3.96 MM with a stone weight of 2.75 CT. that totals an overall weight of 7.54 g.The stone is white in color, round cut, and has a shared prong for its stone setting.


4.Dainty Baguette Eternity Wedding Band In Sterling Silver




This classic eternity wedding band shows off a low-key style and look, for those who prefer being on the down-low, compared to flaunting gigantic and extravangant stones. However, simple and low-key hardly equate to less elegance for this ring embraces the word in full definition. The ring is made out 925 sterling silver, shines out a platinum appearance with a width of 2.22 mm, a thickness of 3.61 mm, and carat total weight of only 1.44 CT. Like most engagement rings, it has white sapphire gemstones in round & baguette stone cut, and a pronged stone setting. It's all embedded together like a top of medieval castle.


5.Chevron Band Matching Wedding Band For Women




Some wedding ring designs are meant to be accessorized, and this ring perfectly embodies it! Its v-shape appearance is not only unique, but may be an excellent complement for any outfit. The ring is made of the traditional 925 sterling silver metal, has white sapphire gemstones scattered to form the V-shape outline of the ring, and shimmers in platinum appearance. The stone also has 1.98 carat total weight, and the ring overall weighs 3.36g with a rounded stone cut, and pronged stone setting. It definitely serves dual purpose in both being a dazzling wedding ring, and a stylish accessory to match any OOTDs!



6.Triple Row Created Sapphire Wedding Band



This Wedding Band poses a combination of interesting looks, that may not be typically seen in most Wedding Bands. The ring fuses rows of sapphire gemstones in both blue & white, and both round and emerald cut. The stone weight of the ring is measured at 8.25 CT. TW, and with a thickness of 3.36 MM, and a width of 12.66 MM, the total ring weight sits at 13.09 grams. The hues of the blue stands out when worn due to the contrast in the skin color.



7.Multi Row Geen Sapphire Emerald Cut Eternity Wedding Band




For lovers of unique and stylish wedding bands, this is a ring that encapsulates both themes in perfect combination. This ring has sapphire gemstones that fuses rows green and white color, as well as round and emerald cut, and a prong stone setting. The total stone weight reached 8.25 carats, and the total weight of the ring sits at 13.09 grams. The green shades of the ring is what mainly sets it apart from other classic ring styles.



8.Blue Round & Princess Cut Wedding Band




A wedding band that looks vintage and came from a different era, the ring emphasizes the vibrant look of having blue sapphire gemstones, and both round and princess cut. It is made of 925 sterling silver,weighs 5.37 grams and has a stone weight of 6.50 carats. Even on the natural daylight, the wedding band's blue hues is hard to miss.



9.Yellow Gold Multi-Row Cushion Cut Eternity Wedding Band




This Wedding Band exudes a majestic and regal look that only has one purpose to serve: which is to stand out. With its golden wraps on the inside of the band, the ring truly serves an extravagant, and expensive look. The Wedding Band is made of white sapphire gem stones, both cushion & rounded cut, and prong stone setting. The carat total weight of the ring is at an impressive 6.25 CT, and a total weight of 7.56 grams.


10.Halo Oval Cut Band Ring Eternity Wedding Band For Her




This eternity wedding band symbolizes the neverending loop of couples for each other. This ring has classic white sapphire gemstones, and has both oval & round cut that takes after the symbolism of eternity, and a prong stone setting. The stone weight sits of the ring sits at 6.63 carats, and the 925 sterling silver metal adds up to the total weight of the ring at 5.90 grams.


This list of top 10 wedding band from Italo Jewelry has the variety of designs ranging from different colors of wedding bands, and other unique designs that would diversify the options of jewelry enthusiasts in order to cater to a wide range of preferences of many jewelry enthusiasts. Apart from the variety of designs in this list of top 10 wedding band, this particular list of top 10 wedding band from Italo Jewelry are also practical and affordable which makes most of the wedding bands from this list of top 10 wedding band a good deal for jewelry lovers.