Everyone knows it’s important to consider the four C’s when shopping for a diamond best engagement rings. However, there’s much more to picking an engagement ring than just looking for a diamond with the perfect cut, carat, clarity, and color. The best engagement rings are those that complement your lifestyle. Here’s a guide to choosing the right ring based on the life that you live:

World Traveler
Do you love to travel? Safety should be your first priority when traveling to places that you’re not familiar with; this is why a discreet diamond engagement ring is the best option for world travelers. A small diamond ring will not draw much attention, so you can blend in with the locals and soak in your surroundings.


best engagement rings
A diamond in a prong setting may become loose or fall out if your days are packed with exercise classes, sports, and outdoor activities. Look for a design that offers a bit more security, such as split shank, bezel, or v-prong setting to protect those delicate edges and corners.

People with active lifestyles should also choose a ring with a platinum band, which is more resistant to scratches and dings than gold.

Creative Artist
Whether it’s painting, knitting, writing, or acting, creative artists need a ring that will speak to their creative side, and express their passion and personality just as much as their chosen craft.

The best engagement rings for creative artists are those with a simple design and an unexpected twist that makes them unique, such as an unusual metal band, a gemstone accent, or even an uncommon diamond cut.

Reference this guide when you go shopping so you remember what to look for best engagement rings. Remember, it doesn’t matter how beautiful a ring is if it doesn’t fit the life that you lead.