Purity rings are worn as a sign of chastity.  The practice originated in the United States in the 1990s as part of the purity movement that gave rise to Christian-affiliated sexual abstinence groups. Chastity rings are part of the abstinence-only sex education movement and also are intended to help the wearer to recognize their self-value and remind them that there is more to a relationship than sex. This essay will offers some questions that you can ask yourself before you decide to wear a purity ring.


1. People who wearing a purity ring are decided to remain a virgin until their wedding night. thus this is a big deal because not only do you have to make a firm decision but wearing the ring is also a public statement.


2. Then we comes to the apparence of a purity ring. It is noticable that there is no specific design or symbol that you must wear. So the only thing you need to do is selecting something that speaks to you and holds meaning for you. For instance, a special designed ring with inscription: True Love Waits. While for male, the style usually more simple. Bear in mind that a ring with diamond might be misunderstanding as engagement rings. 


3. Interms of whether you can stop wearing it? The answer is surely you can. If you feel that this promise to yourself to abstain from sex is not what you want, you can always take off the ring. The truth is Nothing is written in stone in this world. What matters is how you feel about the ring. If you feel really truggle and tired to maintain this committment, maybe it's the right moment for you to reconsidering your ring.


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