The Cushion Engagement Ring ring has been popular for over 100 years, making it an outstanding choice for vintage-inspired engagement rings. It also be called pillow cut diamonds, it have large facets that increase their brilliance and highlight the stone’s clarity. There are so many buyers being attracted to the antique feel combined with modern performance offered by the cushion cut. In despite generally less brilliant than round brilliant diamonds, cushion cut diamonds often have better fire, which is part of their appeal.


The similar shape leads people always compare cushion cut with the princess cut ring. The reason for this is that both the cushion cut and princess cut roughly resemble a square shape, but the similarities end there. The former has a softer gleam that some people compare to sparkling water or crushed ice. While the later typically has a brighter sparkle. Bearing mind that the quality of a stone largely depends on its color and clarity.


There are both pros and cons for cushion cut engagemnt ring. Given its soft, rounded-off edges, the cushion cut is perfect for a more original design. Believe me that Cushion cut is the way to go, if you want something more unique than the traditional Round cut or Princess Cut. On the other hand, some might notice that Cushion cut gemstones appear slightly smaller than those with the Princess cut and Round cut. Therefore i would highly recommended that selecting a slightly bigger gemstones to offset the illusion of a smaller cut will be perfect.


In the 1920s, a new modified cushion entered the market, with an extra row of facets below the girdle. However, whether the diamond has a standard or modified cushion cut doesn’t have a direct impact on its beauty or performance.


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