The basic idea is you want to make sure the sapphire wedding bands has the right color vibrancy you are looking for. There is really no true ideal for a sapphire and no strict standardization of quality grading as there are with diamonds. The beauty of the stone will depend on your specific taste since there are so many variations! With that being said, once you have an idea that you would like a sapphire it is time to start thinking about setting designs.

Modern: Colorful sapphires, especially a blue sapphire, can often give a more vintage or retro feel. If you want to add a modern, 21st century spin on your sapphire ring, consider a micropave halo setting. The micropave halo design an excellent way to increase surface area of the sapphire wedding bands and also offers you the glittery appeal of small diamonds. This creates an excellent contrast with the sapphire center which will not have the same sparkle and as diamonds such as these two beauties below:

Large deep blue oval sapphire in delicate halo with split diamond band.

Oval sapphire in delicate halo style custom engagement ring

Not to be missed is a pink sapphire center engagement ring which gives a gorgeous feminine look to any ring. Featuring the oval center stone and halo design is perfectly on trend! Set in rose gold this is a dainty, delicate sapphire wedding bands that will make an amazing engagement ring with a diamond alternative.

Oval sapphire center with oval diamond side stonesClassic: Three stone rings are the first thing that come to mind when you think of a timeless and classic ring design. Opting for a sapphire center stone has a beautiful pop of color to this otherwise simplistic design; check out the beautiful three stone oval design to the right. Consider diamond side stones to give a nice contrast between the center gem and brilliance of the accent stones. Another option to consider is this ring featuring a cushion cut sapphire center and accented by half moon diamond sides stones. The half moon stones flow perfectly with the rounded shape of the cushion giving a bold look.

Classic with a Modern Twist: Three stone rings are an excellent choice if you are after something classic however there are also ways to make your classic three stone ring look more glittery if that is what you are after. Consider adding a halo around each of the three stones to increase the surface area. The rose gold sapphire wedding bands also adds a fun colorful look with the blend of pink gold, white diamonds, and blue sapphire center.