Certainly you’ll wear your beautiful engagement ring on your wedding day (and your wedding band after the ceremony is over), but what about other wedding jewelry for women?

Certainly you’ll wear your beautiful engagement ring on your wedding day (and your wedding band after the ceremony is over), but what about other jewelry? Every bride wants to get all of the details perfect; after all, this day will only come around once! We suggest these do’s and don’ts when it comes to the jewelry for your wedding day.


When selecting earrings, bring along your headpiece.
What you want is jewelry that doesn’t compete with your gown and headpiece, but instead enhances the look.

Express your style, and mix “something borrowed” with “something new.”
Want to wear your mother’s favorite bracelet or your great-grandmother’s brooch? As long as the finish is similar and the era or shape of the jewelry echoes the same tone, it’s perfectly fine to mix and match.

Skip the watch.
Your wedding day is not the day to be constantly glancing at the time, and a watch can distract from the elegance of your look. Consider the wedding photographs; there will be several shots of your hands as you hold the bouquet, cut the cake, etc. A watch could look clunky and distract from your diamond wedding band, so opt for a simple bracelet instead.

Avoid too much jewelry.
By wearing a necklace, earrings, bracelets on both arms, and rings on nearly every finger, you’re distracting attention from your beautiful gown, hair, makeup, and the overall look. In most cases, an elegant bracelet and earrings will suffice (in addition to engagement and wedding wedding jewelry for women). When it comes to accessorizing on your wedding day, less is more.

Express your own true, personal style.
Your wedding day is not the day to decide you’ll wear something trendy or out of the norm, such as a statement necklace or clunky bracelet. By not compromising your personal style, your wedding photos will reflect your classic beauty for a lifetime.

Wait until the reception to change jewelry.
If you’re dying to wear stacked bangles or statement earrings, the reception is the time to do it. Whether or not you’re changing clothes and letting your hair fall after the wedding, the reception is a more relaxed atmosphere – a party, in many cases. This is the opportunity to wear that trendy wedding jewelry for women you love!


Wedding Day Jewelry from The Wedding Ring Shop
Above all else, engagement rings and wedding bands should be of exceptional quality; if yours include diamonds or other gemstones, be sure to get the best. Quality lasts a lifetime – and you’ll have an heirloom to pass down to your own children or grandchildren one day.

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