For jewelry fans, pear cut diamonds represent the best of both worlds. Whether it is a pear earrings or a pear ring, this stone combines the brilliance of a round-cut diamond with the original appearance of a marquise diamond. The overall effect is a beautiful teardrop shape with a round bottom and a sharp edge at the bottom, which is usually pointed towards the wearer.

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Pear-cut diamonds are a popular choice for couples who wish to obtain both exquisite and unique jewelry. This special cut is not as popular as round or princess cut diamonds, and it is a fashionable attraction for brides who want their ring or earrings to be different.

If you are considering buying pear earrings or rings, please read the following points carefully:

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Diamond size
No matter what type of diamond you buy, you should consider 4C (cut, color, clarity and carat weight), the depth of the diamond and the table, and even its aspect ratio. Each diamond cut has its own beauty standards, and the pear cut is no exception. A pear-cut diamond should have a table (the flat part along the top of the diamond) whose size is 53% to 63% of the diamond's diameter. Its depth (from the top to the tip or tip) should be 58% to 64% of the diameter.

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Symmetry is an important criterion for pear earrings. The tip of the rhombus should be aligned with the edge of the rounded corner, and the sides should arch outward equally. This gives the diamond a perfect teardrop shape, which improves the overall design effect.

Bow tie effect
Make sure you have the opportunity to view your pear-shaped earrings or rings under a variety of lighting conditions, from the flattering fluorescent lights in the jewelry store to the natural sunlight. This will help you check how light passes through the diamond and prevent the bow tie effect.

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If you are considering buying a pear earrings, how should you choose the right way to place a pear-shaped diamond. The pear-shaped tip is often very fragile and easy to chip. Therefore, you should choose a pear earrings with a claw holder or a pear shaped ring, which will protect the diamond and keep it beautiful for years.