There’s an abundance of jewelry out there, ranging from the most notable ones up to the budget-friendly jewelry brands. Italo Jewelry is a brand known for its vast selection of affordable and high-quality jewelry. Among this selection, italo jewelry necklaces are seemingly fan-favorite. There are lots of italo jewelry necklaces offered in different styles, and are labeled as fashion necklaces. These italo jewelrye necklaces come in different shape, size, and styles that will surely suit the taste of every shopper.


Cross Design Pendant Necklace (1.10 CT. TW.)  $89.27


These italo jewelry necklaces sport the most popular gemstones such as their Cross Design Pendant Necklace, and their Halo Pear Cut Created White Sapphire Pendant Necklace.


Halo Pear Cut Created White Sapphire Pendant Necklace    $91.59


For jewelry enthusiasts who prefer traditionally-cut designs and styles of jewelry, italo jewelry necklaces has still got you covered with their sleek and silver styles in the form of Princess & Round Cut Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace. It’s safe to say, that italo jewelry necklaces covered all the bases when it comes to style and appearance!


Princess & Round Cut Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace   $134.56


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