In this article, we’re going to discuss the another one of the different types of engagement rings: the three stone halo engagement ring. Choosing the right ring is essential to making your special moment perfect.

The three stone halo engagement ring is interesting because the 3 stones are said to represent the past, present, and future, with the stone representing the present typically being the largest. The term “three stone” refers to the fact that 3 diamonds (or one diamond and 2 sapphires) are mounted on the ring.

Example of three stone halo engagement ring with sapphire side stones.

Three Stone Ring Origin

The three stone halo engagement ring originated in 2001. When it was released, it was originally marketed as an anniversary gift because of the heavy trinity symbolism which could either represent time (past, present, future), or love, friendship, and fidelity. Since then, however, the ring has grown in popularity among couples looking for unique ring designs to celebrate their engagement.

The three stone halo engagement ring is the perfect choice for those who enjoy deep symbolism and want to showcase it for the world to see.