If your budget is limited but still want cheap beautiful engagement rings, there are some affordable options for you to consider. From silver bands with classic solitaires to vintage-inspired styles to simple gemstone bands, we were surprised by all of the amazing finds on the market. And in our pursuit for the prettiest wedding rings under $130, we picked up on a few tricks for finding cool styles.

Sapphire is a great place to start. The stone imitates the look of a diamond and can often substitute for the real thing. With an inexpensive price point, it's a fraction what you would pay for a precious stone. The retailer even has its own line of wedding rings in various styles, and most of them are under $120. Here, shop the best wedding rings under $150, no matter which style you prefer.

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Finally we will introduce you the most colorful and diversified style - natural Sapphire cheap beautiful engagement rings. Natural gemstones are pure and 100% safe. It will burst into luster and charm after precise cutting. Some natural gemstones are also beneficial to health if you long wear it. Moreover, there are a variety of colors and types for you to choose and you can always find a suitable one.

After having seen so many rings of different styles and material, we believe you have a general understanding of rings. You may believe again there are cheap beautiful engagement rings with cheaper prices.