Considering a halo engagement ring? Good choice: They’re beautiful and popular, a classic style that adds sparkle and fire to any setting. And good news: You have more options than you may think. At first glance, the halo setting might seem fairly simple — by definition, it’s a set of small accent stones that encircle a center diamond, like a halo — but there is quite a bit of variation to be found. A common assumption is that the halo mimics the exact shape of the center stone, but that isn’t always true. For example: The cushion halo ring.


Is the cushion halo ring different from a cushion cut ring?
Yes. A cushion cut ring has a center stone that’s cushion cut — meaning, a variation of the square cut with the addition of rounded corners. On a cushion halo ring, the center stone can be round, while only the halo is cushion shaped.

What’s the appeal of the cushion halo ring?
The cushion halo ring’s combination of a round center diamond with squarish accent stones can be a big aesthetic win, if it’s your taste. The variety in shapes creates more visual interest than the same shape repeated twice, while still providing the big benefit of a halo — giving the illusion that the center stone is larger than it actually is.


A cushion halo ring can still feel angular, since cushion cuts are similar to princess cut diamonds. (Remember that a princess cut has a square shape with pointed corners and many small facets.) But a cushion halo ring can use a round center stone, which makes the ring feel even softer and more feminine.