An Oval Engagement Rings is a beautifully timeless, and symbolic gesture for a couple beginning their journey together.  While the round brilliant cut diamond has always been a classic shape that is chosen, today it seems everyone is vying for the Oval Engagement Rings. Understanding exactly what an Oval Engagement Rings is, along with it's history and symbolism, may help you decide if it is the best choice for you.


Halo Oval Three Stone Engagement Ring


For those who are bold enough to break out of the norm, "fancy cut" engagement rings are a great way to show everyone a little bit of your unique personality. Fancy cut diamonds are ones that are different than the traditional round shape that has been a timeless classic for decades.

Over the past few years, fancy cut diamonds have become increasingly popular to use in Oval Engagement Rings because they offer something a little different.


Oval Three Stone Created Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring


Classic and timeless, Oval Engagement Rings give an updated look to a traditional diamond stone. The oval's length elongates and slenderizes your finger, making it a stone that can flatter any hand. The softness of an oval's curves creates a gentle, romantic, and remarkable Oval Engagement Rings.

Its rounded edges also allow for less chipping and wear without any pointed edges for those who might live an active lifestyle. In comparison to round cut diamonds, the oval diamonds appear much larger per carat size due to its length and surface face, creating a larger look for a lower price on italojewelry. Oval Engagement Rings are also known for having the most shine, but ovals come extremely close!