The Septembers birthstone is the famous sapphire. The septembers birthstone has one of the most popular gemstones in the jewelry world, since sapphires are often used and seen not only in a lot of jewelry styles, but in popular culture as well. And lately, the incorporation of birthstones in jewelry has become a trend lately.


To be more relevant the septembers birthstone, sapphire, is currently one of the hottest trends in jewelry designs and a lot of different accessories include the septembers birthstone sapphire as part of its designs to cater to the audiences searching for the jewelry that has the septembers birthstone sapphire for gift ideas. Italo Jewelry has got you covered if you want to secure a good deal for jewelry that has the septembers birthstone sapphire. Check out some of their best jewelry that has the septembers birthstone sapphire:


Pear Cut Created Sapphire Butterfly Necklace










If you’re really looking for unique designs, then this necklace with the pear-cut septembers birthstone sapphire in its design should be an excellent choice for you. This necklace has the septembers birthstone cut into the shape of a butterfly and is stunning on its own already, and the association of the septembers birthstone would be even more meaningful for the recipient.


Halo Milgrain White & Blue Drop Earrings












Italo Jewelry also has other jewelry types that don the septembers birthstone sapphire. For instance, this pair of earrings has white & blue septembers birthstone sapphires that are round & emerald-cut respectively that make a stunning look that make it look like it’s from a different time period. It’s a piece that have the septembers birthstone incorporated in its design in an intricate and unique way.


More of those jewelry bearing the septembers birthstone sapphire are available at Italo Jewelry.