Oval brilliants are elegant, eye-catching and one of Italo's most requested lab grown diamond shapes. These stunning diamonds are cut in a similar fashion to round brilliants and offer extraordinary sparkle and a unique, finger flattering shape. If you're considering an oval diamond, we've compiled a gallery of our favorites to help you choose the setting and style for your custom engagement ring.


What can we build for you?

Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring

Halo Oval Engagement Ring

Oval Split Shank Engagement Ring



1. Rose Gold Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring    



This simple solitaire features a 3.85 ct lab grown oval brilliant sapphier set in 18kt rose gold.




2. Oval and Pear Diamond Engagement Ring


This unique engagement ring features a 5 ct lab grown oval sapphier center stone with pear side stones.




3. Cathedral Pave Oval Engagement Ring

An incredible 3ct lab created oval sapphier center stone in a cathedral style diamond band setting in platinum.





4. Marquise Band Oval Rose Gold


A lovely 5ct lab created oval sapphier center stone in a four prong pave band in 18kt yellow gold.


5. Split Shank Oval Halo


A breathtaking 2.50ct lab grown oval sapphier center stone in a split shank halo platinum setting.




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