Lab grown engagement rings-or also known as man-made, engineered, synthetic or artificially farmed diamonds-aptly named. They are diamonds that are "replicated" inside the laboratory using cutting-edge technology, which replicates their natural growth process.

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Although their sources may be different, laboratory-grown diamonds and natural diamonds are chemically and optically the same. This is great for consumers, not only because it provides an alternative when buying engagement rings or diamond jewelry, but it also has many other positive benefits with lab-grown diamonds.

Benefits of lab grown engagement rings
Diamond substitutes have many of the same advantages as laboratory diamonds because they are more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

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Most substitute gems are much cheaper than the same types of gems (diamonds and gems) mined. Because each type of diamond is very different, it is difficult to determine the exact range, but some diamonds may be 80% less than the diamonds mined. The exact cost comparison will depend on which alternative diamond or gemstone you choose and from which company.

Compared with real diamonds, laboratory engagement rings are not only much cheaper, but they also have huge environmental and ethical benefits. Similar to laboratory diamonds, the production of diamond simulants does not require displacement of the thousands of pounds of earth needed to find blood diamonds. Strip mining also does not produce chemical runoff, which will destroy marine habitats for generations. The use of alternative stone almost completely eliminates environmental problems.

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No matter what decision you make in the end, whether it is a lab grown engagement rings or a diamond instead of a gemstone ring, it is a financially and ethically responsible decision. This is a real win-win solution. It is a victory for the environment, a victory for your wallet, and a victory for you.