The hoop earrings style has evolved and continues to evolve into modern styles that are trendy in 2022.

Hoop earrings are pieces with a circular design. Generally crafted from metals, hoops feature a wire closure that passes through an ear piercing. The classic hoop is round, but modern styles also include oval hoop earrings, square or diamond shapes.

Hoop earrings come in many styles, including super slim or thick, tube-like, or adorned with sparkly gemstones. All these come in different sizes, from dainty to extra-large hoops that hang all the way to the shoulders.

Lets take look at the Best Hoop Earrings From italojewelry:


Round Cut Big Hoop Earrings For Women In Sterling Silver









This big hoop earrings exudes a classic look for formal looks, with its white sapphire gemstones, round-cut, and prong stone setting. The earrings are sterling silver plated, which adds more to the classic vibe of the jewelry. The stone weight of the earrings sits at 1.00 CT, and the total weight is at 7.00 grams. It's the type of earrings that will naturally stand out and be felt by the wearer!



Baguette & Round Triple Row Hoop Earrings











This triple row hoop earrings puts the word 'dangling' to shame. This stunning piece of jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver metal, has a width and height of 17.50 MM, a thickness of 9.80 MM, and a total weight of impressive 10.90 g! The earrings' backing is a hinged hoop, which makes it one of the easier types to clasp and wear. The earrings are made of 78 white sapphire gems, with both a baguette & round cut with a total stone weight of 1.50 carats, and a stone setting of pave.


Rose Gold Marquise Cut Hoop Earrings









This pair of hoop earrings are perfect for formal parties and monotonous dresses! It is made of white sapphire gems, with marquise and round stone cut, with a stone weight of respectively 0.5 CT & 0.02CT, and a prong stone setting. The earrings has hinged backing, a width of 4.00 MM, a thickness of 4.50 MM, a height of 18.50 MM bringing its total weight to 5.05 g. It's definitely jewelry to be worn on special occasions.