Shopping for wedding jewelry might be one of the more stressful stages of wedding preparations. And understandably so! The wedding jewelry is the ultimate telltale that someone is getting married, so the effort put in is understandable. One of the most popular choices of wedding jewelry are his and her wedding bands. Matching jewelry is not a new tradition at all, and his and her wedding bands is something that may already be considered as something classic. Couples having their own version of his and her wedding bands are not only showing that they are off the market, but also give off a personal style which is unique only to them as a couple.


His and her wedding bands do not go out of style, and will remain trendy. After all, his and her wedding bands are loud and proud declarations of the love of couples for each other. However, despite the his and her wedding bands being a pair and matching, the designs of his and her wedding bands still have their own individual designs that make the ring stand on its own. That makes his and her wedding bands more meaningful - in which the designs are complete on their own but are even more stunning when they are paired with their counterparts - kind of symbolic too, like in love.


There are many designs that incorporate that in many his and her wedding bands. As previously mentioned, his and her wedding bands will never go out of style, and there will always be options for those who are willing to try his and her wedding bands. If you’d like affordable and high-quality wedding jewelry similar to the build of his and her wedding bands and more, then Italo Jewelry is the perfect online jewelry store for you.


Browse through Italo Jewelry’s extensive jewelry collection that are all crafted in unique and impressive designs that are affordable without sacrificing its quality. The shop is truly godsend for jewelry lovers out there.


High Quality Wedding Bands:


Italo Triple Row Created Sapphire Wedding Band






This Wedding Band poses a combination of interesting looks, that may not be typically seen in most Wedding Bands. The ring fuses rows of sapphire gemstones in both blue & white, and both round and emerald cut. The stone weight of the ring is measured at 8.25 CT. TW, and with a thickness of 3.36 MM, and a width of 12.66 MM, the total ring weight sits at 13.09 grams. The hues of the blue stands out when worn due to the contrast in the skin color.



Two Tone Triple Row Created Emerald Wedding Band(8.25 CT. TW.)







For lovers of unique and stylish wedding bands, this is a ring that encapsulates both themes in perfect combination. This ring has sapphire gemstones that fuses rows green and white color, as well as round and emerald cut, and a prong stone setting. The total stone weight reached 8.25 carats, and the total weight of the ring sits at 13.09 grams.  The green shades of the ring is what mainly sets it apart from other classic ring styles.




Two Row Design Titanium Steel Men's Wedding Band







This men's wedding band gives off a stylish look for men that is also sophisticated and elegant in its own right. It is made of titanium steel, has rows of 82 white sapphire gemstones, with a round-cut, and pave stone setting. The jewelry weighs a total of 6.6G and a band thickness of 8MM. The yellow hues of the plating color is what mainly sets it apart from women's wedding bands.