Shopping for wedding jewelry is a challenging task for some, and the many options of engagement ring designs could be pretty overwhelming. However, if one truly seeks something different and would like to explore different engagement ring designs, then the three stone engagement rings may be the right choice for you. There’s been a growing trend towards the three stone engagement rings, since the design of three stone engagement rings exudes more lavishness, and comes off as a bit more luxurious.


The design of three stone engagement rings is meant to really show off, however, apart from the stunning three stones of the design of three stone engagement ring, it also holds significance. Traditionally, three stone engagement rings refer to the three stages of the relationship which are the past, present, and the future. This makes the design of three stone engagement rings a great choice not only for its visuals, but its symbolism as well.













For those who’d like to try three stone engagement rings, the Three Stone Created Garnet Asscher Cut Engagement Ring is one of the perfect examples that have that unique design and at the same time incorporates the symbolism. With its bright garnet red color that truly dazzles under the right lighting, plus the huge facets of the asscher cut sapphires that completes its whole design. If you’d like to see visual references of other three stone engagement rings, then you should visit the online jewelry store of Italo Jewelry for a chance to browse through selections of many other styles of three stone engagement rings that are all high-quality and affordable.