Gold and silver have always been the mainstream colors in jewelry. With the development of technology and new understanding of color, rose gold has gradually become a fashionable color. So, will rose gold jewelry and gold match conflict?

Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold is a kind of warm-colored metal. This metal has a warm and likable color to resist different skin tones. For this reason, rose gold jewelry is very popular.

Will Rose Gold Jewelry Conflict With Gold?
Rose gold is a great tone to help bridge the gap between your silver and gold pieces. When mixing rose gold with rose gold jewelry mix rose gold rings and necklaces with golds of a darker hue. This will make sure that your rose gold pieces stand out and don't get lost among the yellow golds.

Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold metal is usually used in 14K gold. It is a combination of pure gold and copper, giving it a pink or red tint. 18K gold is also a recognized version, but when the pure gold is 75%, the color of pink rose gold is not as obvious as 14K gold (containing 41.7% copper), which is higher than 18K gold.

Rose gold jewelry has a feminine soft appearance, so it is very suitable for all color skin tones. Pink creates blush shades for each skin type.

It is also ideal for inlaid gems and diamonds, very suitable for wedding rings and engagement rings. Rose gold jewelry is suitable for almost all clothing, because it has a variety of uses in design and matching.