The focal point of a pear shaped engagement ring marries the brilliance of a round cut with the symbolic curves of the marquise cut. The point up position will look like a perfectly formed tear when gazed upon, which is why this shape is also termed as the “teardrop cut”. Worn with the tapered end pointing towards the end of the finger, the stone creates a slimming appearance for the finger and elongating effect on the hand.



One of the hottest trend in engagement rings is pear-shaped diamonds. Sometimes called teardrop diamonds, this style is loved for its gorgeous silhouette combining sharp edges with rounded curves, while still remaining extremely brilliant.


Do you think a pear shaped engagement ring might be the perfect option?


Pear-shaped diamonds are almost as equally sparkly as round shaped diamonds but will almost always cost less than a comparable round-shaped diamonds.


Pear-Shaped Diamonds Are Extremely Brilliant



Every diamond shape falls of on an informal spectrum ranging from the most brilliant, where the round diamond reigns supreme, to the least brilliant.


We love how sparkly pear-shaped diamonds look, especially when set into a band with other smaller diamonds, which amplify the center stones brilliance.


Pear-shaped diamonds, when cut with ideal measurements, can be nearly as eye-catching as the traditional round-shaped diamonds. So, if you want a diamond engagement ring that still catches the eye of everyone in the room but you want a style that will make you stand out, the pear shape trend is the way to go.