So you are in the market for an engagement ring  when you plan to buy Engagement Ring on Italo, or think you might be—congratulations! Although we don’t know your girlfriend, we’re pretty certain she’ll be overjoyed when you ask her to marry you.

Ideally, she’ll also be giddy with excitement over the ring you’ve chosen, and that’s where we can help. Here are the decisions ahead of you, and our tips on how to make them:

Decide on a Budget when you buy Engagement Ring on Italo
While we firmly believe an engagement ring’s worth comes from the meaning behind it, money does play a major role in determining which ring to propose with. Deciding on a budget early can allow you to fully explore all your options when it comes to center gem characteristics and ring designs. There is no hard and fast rule about how much you “should” spend on an engagement ring, other than that you should spend what feels comfortable for you. We can assist you in finding a diamond or other gemstone that balances size with quality at a price that works within your budget, and can tell you about lab-created diamonds or diamond substitutes like moissanites, which can be a budget-friendly options. You can also consider a variety of flexible payment options, including bank wire, layaway, and financing.


Choose a Ring Style
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Selecting an engagement ring style may be the hardest part if you buy Engagement Ring on Italo. For guidance, think about the types of clothing and accessories your significant other gravitates towards—this should give you some clues as to whether they’d prefer a ring that’s classic, modern, nature-inspired, glamorous, or some combination of those. To make the decision less stressful, we offer 30 day free returns and exchanges.