Princess cut ring


The clean lines of princess cut gemstones are a dramatic and elegant choice. This popular diamond cut is designed to bring maximum sparkle to its chic and modern square shape. A princess cut diamond stunningly dazzles in a solitaire setting. The princess ring also brings a contemporary shine to your vintage ring. We design engagement rings to suit princess cut diamonds, a thoroughly modern take on the traditional solitaire engagement ring.

What’s more, princess cut diamonds tend to have a lower price-per-carat than round cut diamonds. The reason for this is simple. The ultimate four sided pyramid shape of a princess cut diamond is close to the shape of the original rough diamond cut in half. Basically, two equally sized princess diamonds can be cut from one rough stone. There is very little waste. This greater yield means a princess cut diamond is lower in price than a round diamond. Keep in mind, though, that princess cuts can only be made from well formed rough diamonds of very high quality.

So, you are definitely not compromising on quality in opting for a princess cut diamond. In fact, of all of the square cuts, the princess cut comes the closest to matching the fire and brilliance of a round cut. A princess cut ring, in other words, is the ideal combination of unique shape, brilliant sparkle, and value for the price.


A general rule with princess cut diamonds is to avoid those with a table percentage that is greater than its depth percentage. If you look for a total depth between 65% and 75%, you will get the best balance of brilliance to size. As for table percentage, it is best to stay under 75%.

Princess cut diamonds are set with prongs that protect the four corners. Because the corners of a princess cut diamond were originally near the outer edge of the rough stone, inclusions may possibly be located there. Covered by the prongs, any inclusions will be invisible when the diamond is set. The prongs also protect the corners from possible chipping.

Now that you know more about the princess cut, we invite you to browse our collection of engagement rings. Feel free to contact us for more information. We will be pleased to help you choose the perfect princess cut ring!