Picking out earrings is very crucial, because it could be the make or break of the entire outfit. It’s also because of the fact that it’s worn as a part within the head area, and it’s on either sides of the person’s face. Stud earrings, like italo jewelry stud earrings for instance, may considered to be the simplest type of earrings, and some may even fail to recognize them at first glance, but when worn the right away and picked the right style – it may just enhance your entire aura.


Classic Oval Created White Sapphire Stud Earrings


For instance, italo jewelry stud earrings, despite being ‘small’ in comparison to its other earring designs, always contain an extra spark in them that simply makes it the brand’s signature.


Pear & Round Cut Flower Stud Earrings


Because of this, italo jewelry stud earrings are highly-recommended for people with typically rounded faces, like oval-shaped faces, or more commonly-known as teardrop-shaped face (pear shape). Since the ultimate goal of these italo jewelry stud earrings for those bearing the face shape is to narrow down your jawline, and not elongate the angles of your face more, the way long-hanging earrings would. Not to mention, that these italo jewelry stud earrings are perfect for every day use.


Marquise & Cushion Cut Stud Pink Earrings For Women


There are tons of designs and styles of italo jewelry stud earrings available on their official website: www.italojewelry.com. Head on over there, to browse through a wide selection of italo jewelry stud earrings, and a bunch of other things that may capture your eye!